The Full-time Arrowsmith Program (AP)

In August 2013 Mosman Prep commenced a Full-time Arrowsmith Program (AP).  The class has a maximum of ten students (boys) aged between 8-12 years of age.  Students spend approximately two thirds of the day in the Arrowsmith Program and one third in the class with their peer group.  The Arrowsmith Program is both a curriculum and an approach to teaching and learning based on neuroscience research.  This research shows that specific areas of the brain can be developed by strengthening weak cognitive capacities.  In the Arrowsmith Program students receive an individualised program of cognitive exercises designed to address one or more of nineteen identified areas of cognitive weakness.  The Arrowsmith Program deals with the causes of the learning disability rather than managing the symptoms.  Students become more effective learners, capable of performing complex tasks once the weak cognitive areas are strengthened.

The Arrowsmith Program is for students for whom other learning strategies have been unsuccessful in addressing learning needs.  Further information and the criteria for application acceptance can be found in the following documents:

pdf Arrowsmith Brochure

pdf Chart of Learning Dysfunctions and Learning Outcomes

pdf Arrowsmith Enrolment Form

pdf Application for Enrolment at Mosman Prep

pdf Criteria for Entry into Arrowsmith Program


 The Part-time Arrowsmith Program (AP)

The Part-time Arrowsmith Program commenced in 2015 and is conducted after school for a maximum of 8 students, unable to be enrolled in the Full-time Program.  These students, boys and girls, will be between the ages of 10 and 16 years.  Students will undertake exercises in one cognitive area and the Motor Symbol Sequencing (MSS) exercise each week.  The time commitment will be five hours per week at the school (comprising of the exercise identified as most needed plus an hour of the MSS exercises), plus an additional five hours at home, (the MSS exercises continued).  The Program will be conducted on 2 or 3 afternoons each week.

To apply for the Part Time Arrowsmith Program please complete the following form.

Please note: The selection criteria is the same for both the Part-time and Full-time Arrowsmith Program.
See criteria in 2014 ARROWSMITH Brochure above.

pdfArrowsmith Part Time Enrolment Application

For further information or any questions on the Arrowsmith Program please email Anne-Maree Pastega on


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