The Early Entry Program at Mosman Prep provides an exciting first step on a boy’s educational journey.  This comprehensive pre-Kindergarten experience develops thinking skills, confidence and enthusiam for learning through a range of structured activities, guided exploration and free play.  There is particular emphasis on language development, social skills, and the arts, building a strong foundation for Kindergarten.  Parent education and family-based activities are an additional feature of the program.

Early Entry is a pre-Kindergarten class for mature pre-school boys.  The curriculum in the Early Entry class is based on a developmentally appropriate application of the Board of Studies Early Stage One Foundation Statements and Early Stage One Outcomes.  For example, there is a strong emphasis on the Talking and Listening strands for English.  Early Entry boys are not expected to achieve mastery of reading outcomes, but they are introduced to a full range of pre-reading skills and understandings.  All the Key Learning Areas are addressed through a combination of explicit teaching, guided exploration, and free exploration.


The Daily program includes:
-  Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening
-  Developing Mathematical Understanding
-  Science Exploration
-  Art and Artists
-  Music Theory, Practice and Appreciation
-  Movement and Dance
-  Physical Education, Indoor and Outdoor Play
-  Social Skills

Special activities and events also include:
-  Weeky poetry performances
-  Weekly activites with Year 4 Buddies
-  Cooking
-  Family Activity nights
-  Parent Information Meetings
-  Seasonal and Special Activities.

 The goals for the EE Program are as follows:
-  Boys develop a keen sense of curiosity and an interest in learning
-  They will demonstrate positive self esteem
-  Boys will develop the tools, skills and knowledge which will serve as a foundation for a life of learning
-  Positive social skills
-  Multi-cultural understanding and a broader sense of the world around them
-  Boys will become responsible members of the classroom, school and the community.

Additional Information:
-  The Early Entry Class meets five days/week, from 8.35am - 2.40pm. All boys are enrolled on a full time basis
-  Enrolment is limited to boys who have turned four by the 31 December in the year preceeding enrolment
-  The Early Entry class is taught by an Early Childhood specialist teacher and a teacher assistant
-  The Uniform for Early Entry is the Mosman Prep PE Uniform (shorts and polo and tracksuit for winter)
-  Early Entry boys are automatically offered a Kindergarten place at Mosman Prep
-  The class is held in a self-contained cottage on the Mosman Prep Campus.


Founded in 1904, Mosman Prep (as it is fondly called) is renowned as a specialist preparatory school for boys. Our slogan 'Educating for Tomorrow, Today' encapsulates a focus on being forward looking in readiness for the complexities of the world in which the boys will live. The School is of a size where every boy is known personally. The School has two classes in each year group and a total of nearly 300 Students in the fourteen classes.

Address: 75 Shadforth St, Mosman - Phone: 9968 4044 - Wet Weather Phone: 9990 9196 - Fax: 61 2 9960 1647 - Postal Address: PO Box 950, Spit Junction, NSW 2088

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